Having Weight on Pick List would be Amazing

Having Weight on Pick List would be Amazing

As a suggestion, having the Weight on the Pick List would be awesome!

This would be awesome as a Warehouse Manager so I can make sure to distribute out the work evenly to pickers. 

Example, I would hate to give ten orders to one picker to pick that weigh 2000 pounds each. 
Then, give another picker ten easy orders that only weigh 25 pounds each. 

Another use case: 
If a Pick List comes through with a Shipping Method of UPS, but it weighs 200 pounds.  
I can correct it right then and there and switch it to an LTL load.  
This would save on confusion with employees and save double handling issues. 

Another potential use case:
If a Pick List comes in that extremely heavy, I can give it to another picker with specialized equipment that can accommodate the weight. 
Example would be trying to pick a bottle of wine, vs a pallet of wine.