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        • I accidentally charged the wrong card in Stripe! What do I do?

          When you click Charge with Stripe, the card that is stored in the customer record is the card that is charged.  In the case where there are multiple credit cards that may need to be charged per customer, it is necessary to delete the stored stripe ...
        • AccountingSuite™ Release Updates, German Shepherd 9

          AccountingSuite™ Release Updates, German Shepherd 9 Improved Menus and Documents Footers! All AccountingSuite™ Menus are redesigned and organized for better work flows, and are Edition based with clear and focused UX/UI! Side Menu with key/all user ...
        • Sample Chart of Accounts

          CHARTS OF ACCOUNTS Category Account Code Description Current Assets 1000 Petty Cash 1010 Cash on Hand (e.g. in cash registers) 1020 Regular Checking Account 1030 Payroll Checking Account 1040 Savings Account 1050 Special Account 1060 Investments – ...
        • AccountingSuite™ Release Updates, German Shepherd 6

                AccountingSuite™ Release Updates, German Shepherd 6 New Web View for ALL AccountingSuite™ Reports!! Web View is an HTML view, with print and export options! You can choose Web view, or the familiar Spreadsheet View... or both! Web View has: ...
        • The Price Matrix

          Overview The Price Matrix allows businesses to incorporate very complex pricing structures in AccountingSuite™, giving users granular control over pricing using Item Categories, Customer Price Levels, and Dates which provides flexibility. The ...