Accepting ACH Payments via Stripe

Accepting ACH Payments via Stripe


AccountingSuite's integration with Stripe allows for two methods of payment by your customer:   Credit Card and ACH.    ACH requires a few tasks for payments to be completed successfully in the system:   ACH must be enabled in Stripe, and the customer bank accounts must be verified in Stripe before ACH transfers can happen.

Enabling ACH payments in Stripe

ACH payments must first be enabled in the Payment methods settings section.

  1. In Stripe, navigate to Settings / Payment Methods
  2. Click Enable next to ACH

Once the ACH Payment method has been enabled in Stripe, your customers will have the option to pay using their bank account information but the account must be verified first.

Verifying a Customer's Bank Account

Once a customer has entered their bank account information, Stripe will make two micro-deposits in the customer's bank account.  You will need to communicate with your customer to get the amounts of these two micro-deposits and enter them in your stripe account.

  1. In Stripe, navigate to the customer record by clicking Customers and then clicking the name of the customer whose account that you would like to verify.
  2. Click the Verify Account link in the Bank Account section.
  3. Enter the amounts of the micro-deposits and click Verify.

Once an account is verified, it may be used on an ongoing basis with the customer.

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