AccountingSuite™ Release Updates, Imo-Inu 1

AccountingSuite™ Release Update, Imo-Inu 1, Workspace - New!

AccountingSuite™ Release Update, Imo-Inu 1, Workspace - New!

Announcing the new AccountingSuite™ Homepage Workspace! 

  • New and improved icons provide a fast visual for that feature, and link quickly to that feature’s list view or settings screen. 

  • Icons are grouped and include arrows to clearly show each Module’s workflow, as well as provide an overall company operations process.

  • New sub menus provide links to quickly create transactions and List items, as well as links to quickly access commonly used Settings and Lists menu features:

  • Icons and sub menu access will be grayed out based on Edition availability and what has been enabled in Settings and setup:

  • When the grayed out icons are clicked a guided message will appear to lead you to upgrade for that feature, or enable the Setting:

  • User Permission(s) and Profile related restricted access, defined in Security Settings, is shown by a blurred icon. Sub menus will also be turned off if the user does not have access.

  • “Use as default” is now moved to the top of the page for greater visibility and access.

  • Toggle between all our Homepage options for Workflow, Workspace, Business Pulse and Bank.

  • Our original Workflow page will remain an option on the Homepage for the near future, for users who want to slowly transition to Workspace.

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