AccountingSuite™ Release Updates, Husky 1

AccountingSuite™ Release Updates, Husky 1

AccountingSuite™ Release Updates, Husky 1

Upgrade and Redesign of User Profiles and Security!

AccountingSuite™ User Profiles and Security are completely overhauled with advanced Default and Custom Profile creation! As well as a new Security Log feature!

  • Module/Menu based security in Admin Panel -> Security Settings that enables administrators to quickly and easily set up user roles. 

  • New Profile tab for uncomplicated management of all user profiles!

  • Already created Default Profiles that you can apply to users: 

  • Administrator

  • Client Dashboard Access Only

  • Reports Only

  • View Only

  • The ability to copy and customize Default Profiles for quick and easy addition of more users’ roles!

  • AccountingSuite™ Extensions also have this functionality in the new User Roles and Security.

  • New Security Log in Admin Panel! 

    • Filter on a variety of values, including “User Action”, to readily see any changes made to a user (and all the history!) in the revision details.

  • No worries - existing User Roles prior to this release were converted to the new User Profiles structure!

    • Please Note: Because the security is stronger, extra steps might be required to enable the full range of a user’s former access. For example, users with "Project = Full Access" and "No Rights" to any other Menu will only have access to the Projects list and Project related reports. Solution: The Administrator should change the user’s custom Profile to grant access to a needed Menu item, or assign one of the Default Profiles.

1C Platform Upgrade

  • Our new Version 8.3.17 is even faster and more powerful than before!

1099 updates for Tax Year 2021 have been implemented!

  • Applied changes to accommodate Forms MISC and NEC.

  • Update category and box changes effortlessly from Tax Year 2020!

  • Seamless exporting to Track1099, and integration from within Tax1099.

Cloud Banking Improvements

  • New Yodlee Fastlink Interface!

  • Bank Transactions are Refreshed FAST!

  • Edit Login Credentials on connected banks FAST!

  • Reconnect previously disconnected banks FAST!

  • Connect to new bank accounts FAST!

  • Ability for our support team to turn FastLink off and on in your Bank Settings.

  • Also new in Cloud Banking:

  • Inactive banks are hidden in Search when connecting a new bank account - this makes selection quicker and easier!

Cloud Commerce Improvements

  • Enhanced Performance, Faster Loading Speed AND new Pagination!

  • Address Merging screen UI improvements - more hyperlinks and the ability to update.

  • Users no longer need to confirm Customer or Address when non-related order updates occur.

  • Ability to switch between the Billing and Shipping Address tabs in the Matching window.


  • Financial Reports Calendar dates in Report Settings are now tied to date parameters set up in Accounting Settings.

  • Default end date is generated from Accounting Settings: “Future reporting/posting years allowed.”

  • Improved UI and error messaging.

And as always, we are continuously resolving issues and making security improvements!

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