AccountingSuite™ Release Updates, Imo-Inu 2, Data Import Tool - New for Lists!

AccountingSuite™ Release Updates, Imo-Inu 2, Data Import Tool - New for Lists!

AccountingSuite™ Release Update, Imo-Inu 2, Data Import Tool - New!

Announcing AccountingSuite™'s rebuilt Data Import Tool for Lists! (Transactions will be coming soon!)

  • New Automatic Default Mapping for iif files. Seamlessly do these imports from QBO or QBD for multiple list types in one import session!

  • Guided Messaging and Wizards to make all your import sessions fast and easy.

  • Continue to your Last Saved Import - if you get interrupted you can finish later and not lose your work!

  • New Mapping Preview spreadsheet with options for Records Handling: Update Only, Create Only, Create and Update. Here you can also manually edit source records and assign defaults.

  • Manage Staging Duplicates - this feature enables you to assign fields between multiple duplicate records, then merge into one.

  • Mapped Record Compare & Select - this feature enables you to compare and assign fields between a mapped existing AccountingSuite™ record and it's Staging record.

  • New Mapping Rules - this feature allows you to create a rule for specific fields that can be applied to: that import only; for that data type and all future imports of that type; as well as to all data types for all future imports.

  • Activity Log - this feature shows a clear history of all actions for each import session.

  • Built in special character handling for source files.

  • Flex Date default format and multiple date configuration options. Never error on date formatting issues!

  • Informative data relationship and tutorial diagrams, as well as field samples to visualize where the field shows in AccountingSuite™.

  • Rebuilt User Interface and Step tabs guide you through all your imports!

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