AccountingSuite™ Release Updates, German Shepherd 9

AccountingSuite™ Release Updates, German Shepherd 9

AccountingSuite™ Release Updates, German Shepherd 9

Improved Menus and Documents Footers!

All AccountingSuite™ Menus are redesigned and organized for better work flows, and are Edition based with clear and focused UX/UI!

  • Side Menu with key/all user accessed Menus at the top, followed by Module Menus in order of Edition.

  • New Quick Menu is now a “Quick-Create” Menu! The most used Documents are organized by Module - click once and create a new Document in seconds. And check out the + Customer and + Vendor!

  • Admin Panel will make all our Admins love us.  All Settings, fundamental Tools and our powerful Universal Report are here!

  • New Security Settings - is where you will find the User List - and in the near future even more great Security features will be added!

  • No searching required! Lists is where it’s at - all AccountingSuite™ Catalogs are here, and in order of where they are in the Side Menu!

  • All Module Menus are organized by Section Groups: 

Documents, Lists, Reports, Tools, Settings.

  • We have multiple access points now for menu items -  check out Items - it is now in Lists, Sales and Purchases Menus!

Our new Document Footers have it all! 

Access and analyze in seconds - Lines Total, Discount, Subtotal, Shipping, Tax and the final Total. 

The new Document Footer Expanded:

The new Document Footer Collapsed:

  • Documents with Multi-currency clearly show Document (foreign) currency, then the converted Reporting currency. 

Footer with Multi-currency Document, Expanded:

Footer with Multi-currency Document, Collapsed:

Announcing our latest Extension...

AccountingSuite™’s: Asset Tracker!

Manage your Fixed Assets with AccountingSuite™’s Asset Tracker Extension. 

Easily track and manage depreciation with Schedules and Disposal of your Assets. 

Attach images and Asset details to keep everything tidy & organized!

More New Features and Improvements!

Paya Payments Upgrades

  • Paya is now fully enabled in Test Companies/Sandboxes!

  • More required fields and enhanced security for Paya! 

  • From Settings open Paya Merchant dashboard and update their settings on the Paya side.

  • CVV authentication field is now available to use

  • Billing Street Address and Billing Zip Code are now added for both ACH and Credit Cards - and these can be defaulted to be required fields. 

  • New UI/UX to guide users to retry the same payment method or use another payment method after a failed attempt.

Web Portal: Shopping Cart Improvements for Changing AccountingSuite™ Editions/Plans!

  • Credit Cards used/saved are available to choose from, with the current credit card indicated. 

Cloud Banking

  • Auto-Recategorize process improvements:

  • System remembers the last date when Transactions changes were posted.

  • System remembers the last date when categorization rules were changed.

  • System remembers the last recategorization completed per bank and credit card --> a timestamp is added so it’s not unnecessarily recategorizing.

  • After disconnecting a bank account:

  • Site ID will be remembered.

  • Bank information will show on the G/L screen: both Bank Name and Bank Icon/Logo.

  • Improved UX: If incorrect credentials are entered we guide you on the recommended actions to resolve!

  • Assembly document should show Available to Build on the Build date (the Document Date).

Finally, and as always, we are continuously resolving issues and making security improvements!

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