AccountingSuite™ Release Updates, German Shepherd 3

AccountingSuite™ Release Updates, German Shepherd 3

AccountingSuite™ Release Updates German Shepherd 3

Interactive wizard guides users through creating all necessary 1099 forms!  New IRS Tax 1099 changes fully enabled in AccountingSuite™ for both MISC and NEC forms.

  • Ability to update categories from previous year.
  • Seamless export to Track1099.

New Features

Check out our new upgraded AccountingSuite™ Customer Portal!

  • Fully integrated with Zoho Subscriptions, with no need to log-in twice! Seamlessly access your Zoho Subscription through your AccountingSuite™ Account!

  • Improved Account, Profile, Inbox and Notifications screens and functions!

  • Upgraded toolbars: Columns, Copy, Export List, Print, Show, Search and sorting capability.

New Bank Dashboard!

  • Quickly see Bank balance, Book balance, when the Bank was last updated and graphs for Deposits and Payments!

And More New Features!

  • Documents now have an improved user interface with a compact Header!

  • Collapse the Header for greater Table views; Expand the Header to see all the Header fields.

  • Improved Document Titles.


  • Warehouse Transfers are now added to the Document Numbering System.

  • Greater controls for Custom Fields - duplicates are only permitted for Common custom fields for separate data types.

  • “Settings” are now called “Admin Panel” - this encompasses Company information, Settings, Integrations, Utilities, Data Import, Conversion, Extensions, Auto-numbering, and the processed Startup Wizard.

  • “Expensify Categories” is now called “Expense Report Categories”.

  • WalkMe is now fully supported in AccountingSuite™ without needing an Extension!

  • AccountingSuite™ videos and KnowledgeBase articles are integrated in WalkMe for further support, learning and guidance.

  • We continue to build WalkMe into our application for every module, function, and screen for a true customer-self-supported know-how and frustration-free experience.

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