AccountingSuite™ Release Updates, German Shepherd 5

AccountingSuite™ Release Updates, German Shepherd 5

  AccountingSuite™ Release Updates, German Shepherd 5

Cloud Banking Upgrade: Tons of New Features and Improvements!

           Advanced Matching and Categorization Algorithms:

  • Company Name check is first, and it is based on the Bank Description and AccountingSuite™ Transactions Company Name. After the Company Name is matched, it is used to filter available documents.
  • The Merchant Name field is now the most important filter for Recommended and Perfect Matches.
  • Perfect Match is recategorized/re-matched upon: opening Cloud Banking, changing banks, and clicking Recategorization.
  • Merchant Name is now used in Categorization Rules.
  • Users are notified and asked if they want to update Merchant Name to AccountingSuite™ Company mapping, as well as update the Categorization Rule.
  • After the user confirms the Merchant Name mapping from the prompt screen - it will Recategorize on the fly.
  • Recommended Matches are automatically refreshed after Categorization changes are made.
  • New Update from Historic Data feature for mapping.
  • Manual Edit checkbox locks down further automatic changes.

      Guided and Intuitive User Interface and Messaging:

Upgrades to Cloud Banking Home Page Dashboard!

  • Drilldown to individual Banks
  • Improved Sorting mechanisms

New Support Menu!

  1. Links take you to all the places you want to go!
  2. Learn and discover all that AccountingSuite™ can do for your business(es) and/or clients.

Zoho CRM Integration improvement!

  • AccountingSuite™ will detect if historical data is needed to post a transaction and request it from Zoho CRM.

Memo Tab is now in the Header for all Documents!

Test Company/Sandbox is now a special color!

  1. Differentiates your Test Company from your real Company at a glance!

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