Adjust Check Printing

Adjust Check Printing

Adjust Check Printing

Sometimes it might be necessary to adjust the placement of the printed items on a check to match the check paper that is being used. Follow the steps below to make these adjustments. To see the specifications for checks that AccountingSuiteâ„¢ supports, see About Printing Checks.

To adjust print settings for checks :

  1. Make a copy of one of the sheets of checks for testing.
  2. Ensure the copy is an accurate facsimile by holding the two pieces together in the light. Ensure the printed portions of the two match up exactly. If they do not, try making another copy, ensuring the paper is lined up in the machine properly.
  3. Insert the copy into the printer, ensuring the printing side is facing the right way.
  4. Navigate to Purchases → Bill Payments or Bank Payments, choose a document and click Print Check.
  5. Examine the printed copy for any adjustments that need to be made.
  6. Navigate to Settings Features and adjust either the horizontal or vertical check adjustments (or both) appropriately. The numbers represent millimeters, so measuring the offset can save time when making adjustments.
  7. Click Save and Close.
  8. Using another copy of the check sheet, print a check again. If further adjustments are necessary, repeat until the fields match.

Adjusting these settings will have an effect on the margin settings in the Page Setup screen of the Print Preview. If you need to set these back to their defaults, here they are :

Page Setup:
Left: 1.25
Right: 1.25
Top: 1.0
Bottom: 1.0
Header: 0
Footer: 0

In Settings:
Horizontal Adjustment: 0
Vertical Adjustment: 0. 

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