Bank Deposits

Bank Deposits

Bank Deposits

When you receive cash and checks for payment, these eventually will need to be deposited at the bank, usually grouped with other payments. When the group of checks and cash is taken to the bank, a Deposit is recorded AccountingSuite™. When creating a Deposit, any new cash receipts and cash sales are automatically added to the deposit document, but may be unchecked if the funds are not included in the bank transaction.

Creating a Bank Deposit

To create a bank deposit:

  1. Navigate to Bank → Deposits. A list of previously created bank deposits is displayed.
  2. Click the Create Button.
  3. Change the Posting Date, if necessary. This is the date the deposit was made at the bank.
  4. Change the Bank Account, if necessary. The default bank account specified in Settings → Posting Accounts will be pre-filled. This is the account to which the deposit is or will be made.
  5. Change the Deposit Number, if necessary. The deposit document numbering is defined in Settings → Lists → Document Numbering and will increment automatically. For more information, see Document Numbering.
  6. In the lower half of the deposit document, check the checkbox next to the Cash Receipts and Cash Sales that will be included in the deposit. As each box is checked, the Total at the bottom will change to reflect the total of all checked cash receipts. The initial list that is populated on the deposit includes all cash receipts and cash sales that have not been previously included on a deposit.
  7. If there are items to deposit that are not part of cash receipts, click the G/L tab to enter. If none, skip to step 8.
    7a) Enter the Customer / Vendor.
    7b) Enter the G/L Account.
    7c) Enter the Amount.
    7d) Enter Payment Method (required if transaction is associated with a 1099 account, otherwise optional).
    7e) Enter Memo (optional).
    7f)  Enter Project (optional).
    7e) Enter Class (optional).
  8. Add a Memo. (optional).
  9. Click Save to save a draft or Post and Close to finish the Deposit.

Creating Deposits

Deposits from Stripe Credit Card Processing

When Stripe is used for credit card processing, funds from charges that you have processed are moved from Stripe to your designated bank account on a scheduled that has been defined in Stripe. When this deposit is made, AccountingSuite™ automatically creates a deposit document for you based on the transactions from the Stripe transaction. This deposit can then be matched in Cloud Banking when the transaction flows in.

For more information about Stripe, see Processing Customer Credit Cards Using Stripe.
For more information about Cloud Banking, see Cloud Banking.


Other Deposit Features and Functionality

  1. Click the General Journal button to view transactions recorded as a part of this transaction.
  2. Click the Audit Log button to view changes made to the document. For more information, see the Audit Log article.
  3. Click Attached Files to include any related documents. See the File Storage article for more information.

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