Black screen issue workaround

Black screen issue workaround

Newly added users are getting black screen when accessing the account on the Dashboard, this is an on-going issue that we are already working on and there's a workaround to fix it. The workaround requires to change and update the password, check steps below.


1. Login to Dashboard and go to Profile on the top right.

2. Then on the Change Password area on the right, enter your current password and set the new password. Clicking the Update/Submit button will show a message "Incorrect Current Password", but disregard that message because the password will be updated in the right places.

3. Next is to log out and log back in. Once logged out, use the new password that you setup on the Profile screen to login. Then once logged in, access your account by clicking the Company name on the Home Page of the Dashboard. You should be directed to the AccountingSuiteâ„¢ loading page and not a black screen.

Feel free to contact us if your need help or if you have any question. You can call Help Hotline : 888-328-8275 OPT. 1


You can submit a support request ticket by accessing this link or chat with us by visiting our Help and Support website and click "Chat Icon" at the bottom right to chat.

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