Companies Overview

Companies Overview

Companies Overview

Companies (formally Customer / Vendor Central) is the place for everything you need when working with Customers and Vendors. Our Companies module brings together the relationship you have with customers and vendors in one easily managed page. Here are a few things you can do here :
  • Instantly tell whether a company is a customer, a vendor or both by the indicator column next to the name.
  • See the current balance, payment terms and any custom fields you have created.
  • View every invoice, order, payment or receipt in the right pane for each company.
  • Initiate invoices, orders, payments or receipts by clicking the Create above the transaction documents.
  • Export the lists to excel.
  • Create a new customer or vendor by clicking the Create button.
  • Enable / Disable Companies.
  • Create Customer Statements

Most Accounting applications treat Customers and Vendors like they were from alternate universes. But what happens when that vendor becomes a customer?

AccountingSuiteâ„¢ allows your customers to be vendors and your vendors to be customers. One business contact that can handle both roles.

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