Cloud Banking Dashboard

Cloud Banking Dashboard

The Cloud Banking Dashboard gives you a quick look at your finances and includes information on unapproved transaction counts, bank and book balances, connections status and more!

To get to your Cloud Banking Dashboard, 
  1. Click Homepage
  2. Click the Bank tab.
To set this as your default homepage, check the checkbox.

Here is what you will find.......

  1. A graph showing deposits and payments for the selected account.
  2. Connection Status indicator.   Green means connected, Yellow ones are connected but have an issue and gray ones are offline banks.
  3. Book and bank balances.
  4. Updated time and number of unapproved transactions (get to work!)
  5. Connect additional accounts right from your dashboard.
  6. Search for an account
  7. Sort accounts by any of the data points - connection status indicator, bank name, amount, number of unapproved transactions, any of them!
  8. Refresh the data.
  9. Print the list.

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