Integrating Paya in AccountingSuite™

Connecting with Paya


Setting up the Paya Integration

In order to set up the Paya Integration, you first need to obtain a Paya account.   To apply for a Paya account:
  1. Navigate to Admin Panel / Integrations.
  2. Expand Paya.
  3. Click Create a Paya account.
  4. Fill out the Pay registration form and click Submit.
  5. Await an email from Paya with your login info.

Once  you receive the email, it's time to complete the integration:
  1. navigate back to Admin Panel / Integrations and expand Paya.
  2. Click Login to Paya.
  3. Fill out the fields with the information that came in the email.
  4. Paya will be connected.   Choose or create a clearing account.
  5. Ensure the Payment Method has been created.  (more info)
Paya is now connected to AccountingSuite and settings are complete.

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