Creating Custom Fields : How to create inventory items with multiple, reportable Custom Fields?

Creating Custom Fields : How to create inventory items with multiple, reportable Custom Fields?

Creating Custom Fields

Steps :
1. Navigate to Quick Menu Settings General Settings. 
2. Under the Custom Fields section click on the Custom Field link.
3. Expand Product folder by clicking the + icon next to it and select Common (for all item types).
- If you want a field to be available for only Product type items then select Inventory. 
- If you want a field to populate for only Service type items then select Service.
4. Click Add New.
5. Type the desired custom field name, select its value type and click Save and Close.
- In this example, we chose Custom Value type which creates a drop-down list of values.
- Field can be made mandatory by checking the Make this field required box.
6. Go to Inventory → Items and create a new item to observe the new field that is displayed on the Custom 
Fields tab on the item card.

Creating a Custom Field

Tracking Custom Fields Created on Items

Steps :
1. Navigate to Reports → Quantity on Hand by location.
2. Click Settings → Rows → Add and click Items on the pop-up window and select the custom field.
- You can add more custom fields by clicking the "..." button under Rows tab / first selected custom field.
3. If needed you can add more details in hierarchical order on under rows tab and run the report.

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