Current Issues with Searching

Current Issues with Searching

We are aware of issues when searching.   You may experience one or more of the following behaviors in the application:
  1. Searching in a document list returns no results for searched document that exists in the list.
  2. Characters typed in search box disappear or don't appear in the order in which they were typed.
  3. A spinning wheel appears and locks up the application. Search errors when using the universal search.
Our engineers are working towards a resolution for these issues.    Here are some things that you can get to get to the information your need.

  1. If you are searching for a particular document by it's number and the search box at the top of the list isn't working correctly, use the universal search in the upper right corner. Clicking on the title in the search results will take you to the document.

  1. Open Companies and look through the list of transactions for the one that you want.   Double clicking the document will open it.

Other suggestions for finding documents:
  1. Sort your documents by document number and then scroll down to find the number  you are looking for.
  2. Use the Configure List functionality in Settings to filter closed orders from your list to limit what you are looking for.
Our engineers are working to make the search work more efficiently and  you will see some exciting changes coming soon!

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