Removing, deleting and voiding documents in AccountingSuite™ - what you need to know.

Deleting Documents

Removing, deleting and voiding documents - what you need to know.

Certain documents in AccountingSuiteâ„¢ may be deleted if they were created by mistake or are not needed.   Please read the following guidelines and rules for removing documents.
  1. Documents may only be deleted by those with administrative rights in their user record.
  2. If there are several documents involved in a transaction, they must be deleted in the reverse order of creation.    For example, if there is a PO, an item receipt and a bill created, they must be deleted in this order:  Bill, Item Receipt, Purchase Order.
  3. Bill Payments and Cash Receipts may not be deleted, but they may be voided.
  4. Transaction chains with voided Bill Payments and Cash Receipts may have documents that cannot be deleted because of the association with the Cash Receipt/Bill Payment.  In this case, choose the dropdown next to the save button and choose Back to Draft.   Documents in the Back to Draft status do not affect accounting or inventory numbers.

Voiding a Cash Receipt or Bill Payment

  1. Choose Generate / Void Payment from the document or Create / Void Payment ( or Cash Receipt) from the list view.
  2. Indicate a date for the void.
  3. Save and close the voiding entry.
  4. Put all of the attached documents in Back to Draft status by clicking the dropdown next to the save button and choose Back to Draft.

Deleting a document

  1. From the document view, choose More Actions / Delete.

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