Disabled 1c Plugin in Firefox

Disabled 1c Plugin in Firefox

Background:  Due to browser constraints, an extension is required when  AccountingSuite with the Firefox browser.   Starting with version 43, there is an issue with the download and installation of the 1c extension.

This will not prevent a user from using the browser but it will limit the functionality. Here are the features that will not work without the extension:
  • Clipboard;
  • Interaction with add-ins;
  • Extended file and cryptography operations.
The following features will be disabled but the ability to enable them is possible from within settings in Firefox:
  • Pop-up windows: To allow pop-ups in the application, in Tools browser menu, click Options;
    In the window that is opened, click Content. Clear the Block pop-up windows check box.

  • Application Switching: To allow switching between application windows, type about:config in the browser address bar and enter dom.disable_window_flip. Change the value of this preference to false.

  • Keyboard shortcuts: Using keyboard shortcuts for switching between application windows, enter about:config in the browser address bar and enter dom.popup_allowed_events in the filter box. Add the keydown event to the list of values of this preference.

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