Email Logs

Email Logs


You can view the status of all emails sent from your AccountingSuite ™ account.


To view email logs,  
  1. Click Email Logs on your dashboard on the same line as the account of interest.
  2. Ensure the Data tab is in focus.
  3. Select one or more statuses to show (see below for status descriptions)
  4. Select a date range 
  5. Click Search.

Status Descriptions

Delivered - email was successfully delivered to the recipient's inbox.
Deferred - email has been delayed for one of several reasons - most likely the number of emails sent to this domain in a given timeframe.   Some ISPs are more likely to deliver emails to spam folders when there is a large amount of emails coming in. Deferred just means - "It will be sent soon."
Dropped - this email status occurs when the email address you are sending to is on one or more suppression lists - bounces, unsubscribes, spam reports and invalid emails.
Bounced - bounces happen when the email address isn't valid and exists on the bounce list.
Processed - this is an intermediate status when the email is being made ready for delivery. It is usually followed by the final status Delivered, sometimes Deferred, Dropped or Bounced.

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