Expense Reports (extension)

Expense Reports (extension)


The Expense Reports extension allows users of your organization to submit expense reports and managers to approve the expense reports.


Please view this article for installation instructions.


A few setup tasks are needed In order to user the Expense Reports extension.
  1. Complete general settings (must be completed by the admin/owner of the account)
  2. Map expense categories to G/L Accounts.
  3. Assign users and verify permissions.

Accessing Expense Reports

  1. Click Project / Time from the main menu
  2. Choose Extensions under the Tools heading.
  3. Highlight Expense Reports and click Execute.

Choosing the Approver

  1. Access Expense Reporting (see above)
  2. Click Settings.
  3. If you wish to receive notifications* when status is change, slide the toggle to on and enter an email address.
  4. Choose an approver from the drop down list.
  5. Enter the mileage amount.
  6. Choose the mileage category from the drop down list.    If necessary, create a new one.
  7. Enter a note for the user that will appear when entering a new expense report.
  8. Click Save.

*When enabled,  notifications are sent to the approval when the status of the report is in Pending Approval.   Notifications to the end user will be sent when the report is Approved, Rejected, Paid or Partially Paid.

Working with Expense Categories

Each expense category maps to a G/L Account.

Adding an Expense Category

  1. Access Expense Reporting
  2. Click Expense Report Categories.
  3. Click Create / New
  4. GIve the category a name.
  5. Choose the associated G/L Account from the drop down list.
  6. Click Save and Close.

Associating a G/L Category to an existing Expense Category

  1. Access Expense Reporting
  2. Click Expense Report Categories.
  3. Double click the category for which you'd like to add a G/L Account.
  4. Choose the G/L Account from the drop down list.
  5. Click Save and Close.

Deleting an Expense Category

  1. From the main Expense Reports screen, Click Expense Report Categories.
  2. Right click the category you'd like to delete and choose edit/delete.

Adding Expense Report Users

Each expense report user must have a company record in your Company list with the Employee checkbox checked in order to use Expense Reports.   Please refer to this article on how to create a company and do so before proceeding.

  1. Access Expense Reports (See above)
  2. Click Expense Report Users.   A list of account users displays.
  3. Associate the user account with the employee company record.  See note above is employee company does not exist.
  4. Verify permissions and change in the user account detail if needed.
  5. If the user is a supervisor, check the checkbox.   This will allow the user to submit expense reports on behalf of other users.

A user must have time track Full Access permissions in order to add time tracking records.    In order to add Projects, the must have Full Access to projects.  


Submitting an Expense Report

  1. Click on Expense/Mileage Reports.
  2. Click Create / New.
  3. Enter a name for the report.
  4. Add the report date.
  5. Add the Expense Report period.
  6. Enter a claim number or leave blank to have the claim number auto-assigned.
  7. Click Add if adding expenses.   If only mileage is needed, skip to step 18.
  8. Enter a description.
  9. Choose a category.
  10. Enter the expense date.
  11. Enter the merchant.
  12. Enter the amount of the expense.
  13. Enter a claim description for the expense.
  14. Enter a project (optional).
  15. Enter a class (optional).
  16. Repeat steps 10-18 for additional expenses.
  17. Click Mileage tab if recording Mileage.  If not, skip to step 27.
  18. Click Add.
  19. Enter the date of the mileage claim.
  20. Enter the number of miles.
  21. Enter the claim details.
  22. Enter a project (optional)
  23. Enter a class (optional).
  24. Click Save and close to save the report without submitting or Submit for Approval to submit the Expense Report.

Approving / Rejecting an Expense Report

Click Project / Time from the main menu.
  1. Click Expense Reports.
  2. Double click an expense report to Approve/Reject.
  3. Click Approve or Reject.
  4. If clicking Reject, give a rejection reason and click Submit.

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