Troubleshooting slow response times

Experiencing slow response from AccountingSuite

Application responsiveness can be caused by a variety of issues and sometime a combination of things.   Here are some possible reasons you might be experiencing slowness with some troubleshooting tips.

Internet connection issue.   

This issue could actually be the connection between your computer and your home network, the connection between your home and your internet service provider, or the connection between your internet provider and our server.   You can try the following tests to try and determine this.

     Test 1: Run a speedtest at    If the ping is greater than 100ms, the download or upload speed less than 56kb you have an internet connection issue.  In order to use AccountingSuiteā„¢ you must have a stable internet connection.  Call your Internet Service Provider and ask them if they support a higher speed.

      Test 2: Open a dos prompt (windows) or a terminal window (mac).  At the prompt try these three tests
            ping <the ip of your router> 
            ping <the IP of the DNS server>
      You can get the IP addresses for your router and the DNS server in your network connection settings of your computer.   Note the three numbers.  If any of them are high (over 100ms), there may be an issue with your internet connection.   Call your ISP and ask for assistance.

Not enough CPU resources.   

This happens when you overwork your computer
If you experience slowness, try the following:

1) Check how many programs you have opened when you notice the slowness.   Quit programs you aren't currently using to free up resources.
2) Check to see if you have any non-responsive applications or applications that are using a lot of system resources.
  1. On Windows, open the program Task Manager .   Check CPU, Memory and Disk Usage and quit any un-needed programs that are using a lot of resources.

b) On a Mac, open Activity Monitor and check CPU, Memory, and Disk columns to see if any applications are utilizing a lot of system resources.   Quit any unnecessary programs.

It may also help to save all of your work, close all programs and restart your computer.

    Conflicting Extensions.

    1) Disabling extensions in Chrome may help the speed issue to resolve itself.   You can narrow down a problem extension by enabling them one at a time until you find the one that causes the slowness.    Extensions are located in the settings menu under More Tools.

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