Experiencing slowness? Here are some things you can do to help

Experiencing slowness? Here are some things you can do to help

We are aware that there are currently issues with performance in the application and are engineers are working diligently to get at the cause of slow response times some of you have been experiencing.    There are a few things you can do to help us solve the problem any help is much appreciated.   The more specific the information is, the closer we can get to a resolution.   There are MANY possible reasons for slow response times, and there can be multiple causes.     They can be categorized in three broad groups:   Client Computer, Internet, Server Computer.

Client Computer 

Things than can contribute to poor performance on the client computer (the one you use when logged in) include
  1. not enough Random Access Memory (RAM)
  2. processer too slow
  3. not enough hard disk space
  4. unsupported operating system 
  5. browser plug-ins can cause issues

Internet Connection

Issue with the internet connection could also be contributing to slow response times.     Here are some considerations regarding internet:
  1. internet connection type:  cable connections are affected by how many neighbors are sharing the bandwidth, satellite connections have a greater latency because the upstream is via a cable why downloading happens via satellite
  2. slower connections like dialup or cellular can be too slow
  3. network cable are susceptible to interference which can slowdown speed rates

Server Computer

Issues with the server computer (where the application lives) can include
  1. too many concurrent connections
  2. not enough processing power
  3. not enough ram
  4. storage retrieval issues

Testing your computer and internet connection

We have a test that can determine if the first two sections are causes of the issue.   You may run it by clicking the link below:

Reporting Slowness to Us

We have a special Performance Report form that you can fill out that will be invaluable in helping us determine the cause.   Here's what important:

  1. What you were doing specifically when you experienced the slowness.  Things like "I just clicked save on a sales invoice and it took 7 seconds to finish saving" are awesome.    This can lead up to specific area of the code where we can determine if optimization is necessary.
  2. What exact date /time you experienced the slowness.  This can help us when looking a log files.
  3. Your account number (the 7 digit number starting with 110 in the upper left corner of the application)
  4. Your Operating System and version (Windows 10, Mac OS 10.15)
  5. Your browser and version  (Chrome 80*)

Some external factors that may be contributing to performance issues

  1. With the current situation with Covid-19, there has been an large increase in the  number of users on home connections which could impact your internet connection depending on the type of connection you have.  
  2. We are seeing an increase in system usage as it is the tax season.  This surge seems to be lasting longer than it does in past years, most likely due to the tax filing extension.

Some things you can do that may help

  1. Turn of any unnecessary extensions in your browser.  Sometime extensions can add to the negative affect on performance.
  2. Close any unnecessary programs that you are not using.
  3. File a performance report when you experience slowness.  (You can also call or chat if you'd rather)
We are sorry for this inconvenience and are working diligently towards a resolution.  

* get the version by going to the menu and choosing Help/About <browser name>
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