Exporting Customer's Emails

Exporting Customer's Emails

Is there a way to export customer's emails?

Yes, to export a list or a report of your customer's email addresses, just follow the steps below :

  1. Go to Reports → Universal Report.
  2. In the first drop-down, choose Catalog.
  3. In the second dropdown, choose Addresses / Contacts.
  4. Click "Show Settings".
  5. Click the Grouping tab.
  6. Click "Add".
  7. Double Click Owner.
  8. Click the indicators tab.
  9. Uncheck all fields except Reference, First Name, Last Name, Normalized Email.
  10. Click Add New Field.
  11. Find Owner in the list and click the "+" sign next to it.
  12. Scroll down and double click Terms.
  13. Click Save Settings.
  14. Give this report a name and click Save.
  15. Click Run Report and export the report to Excel.

You can customize this report by adding and removing fields, choosing different fields to group by, and ordering the fields in a different way.
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