French Bulldog 1 Release Notes

French Bulldog 1 Release Notes

AccountingSuite™ Release Updates

New Features

All Financial Reports are continuously being improved! 

Financial Reports Phase 2:

  • The Income Statement report now has:

  • New Comparative Parameters for prior periods.

  • Display by Class, Vendor, Customer and Project.

  • Variance Analysis - which can be displayed in dollar amounts and/or percentages.

  • The Trial Balance report now has:

  •  Unadjusted report: 

1) New Comparative Parameters for prior periods.

2) Variance Analysis - which can be displayed in dollar amounts and/or percentages.

  • Adjusted report: 

1) Debit and Credit columns for each of:  Beginning Balances, Transactions, Adjustments, and Ending Balances.

Returns and Refunds improvements:

  • New Apply Vendor and Customer Credits functionality!

  • With these functions there are multiple options to apply customer and vendor credits to sales and purchase documents, including an auto-apply feature.

  • Sales Invoices connected to voided Cash Receipts can now be put back to Draft.

  • Lot Adjustment functionality is now added to the Lot screens in Shipment, Sales Invoice, Cash Sales, and Assembly (Lots in the Line Items), Disassembly (Lot for the Item to be disassembled).

Cloud Banking: 

  • Transactions Tabs: transaction related settings and functions have been moved to the table level with new command bar look and feel.

  • Columns may now be moved for faster entry and improved user interaction.

  • We have added a new editable Memo field for Cloud Banking transactions!


  • Error messages have been improved for 3rd party integration errors. Users can now see the exact reason for errors with a code and instructions to resolve, or you can take note of the error code and call our Support Team for assistance.


  • Bank Register also has a new editable Memo field.


  • A bank's Default Currency in the Bank Register and Cloud Banking is now shown when Multi Currency is enabled.


Stripe improvements:

  • Users can now set an ACH debit bank account as the Default setting.

  • New process to verify Micropayments for Bank Verification.

  • A Cash Receipt or Cash Sale will only be created with successful Stripe charge.

  • Enhanced messaging for both successful and unsuccessful Stripe charges. We pass along the exact error message and code from Stripe!


Conversion Tool improvements: 

  • “Remit To” is filled in the Addresses import, and address naming is updated. 

  • "Full name" is filled on creation of Companies.


Data Import Tool: 

  • New “Recent Files” drop down menu which shows up to five previously uploaded files and their dates. The files can be previewed, reused, or saved. 

  • Now more Inventory Adjustment import functions to choose from:

  • Enter the adjustment Quantity per Item

  • Enter the adjustment Quantity and Cost per Item

  • Set the new Quantity on Hand per Item

  • Adjust Average Cost per Unit

  • Adjust Asset Value per Item

  • Set the new Average Cost per Unit

  • Enter new Asset Valuation per Item (you can set new values to 0)


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