Getting Started - General Navigation

Getting Started - General Navigation

General Navigation

The Navigation Menu

AccountingSuite™ has a dark yellow navigation menu and the lighter yellow is the sub-navigation bar, whose content will change based on the main menu choice that has been made.

AccountingSuite™ Navigation Menu

Open Items Tab

Each time you open a page in AccountingSuite™, it creates a tab along the bottom of the window. Use these open tabs to easily navigate between several documents at once. When you are finished with a document, it may be closed by clicking the x in the upper right corner of the tab. Too many tabs open can affect performance.

Forward and Back Buttons

Each page contains a set of three navigation buttons: A forward, a back and a home button. Think of these the same way you would think of them in a browser.

The Tools Panel

   Function Search

The Function Search will find actions you wish to take in the system in case you don’t remember where to find Sales Orders, for example. It will locate search terms in menus, reports and other navigational structures.


Click the star on any item and it will be saved to your favorites, accessed by the star icon in the upper right corner of the screen. This is a great way to get at the things you do most quickly.


The history button will list all of the pages, in order that you have visited. Clicking on a page will take you to that document.

Click on the search icon and type a search term – this searches the entire system. Searches can be a customer or vendor name, a sales invoice number, a telephone, virtually anything. This is a very powerful tool that can help you find what you need very quickly.

The start page contains some frequently used links to create a document in the left pane. On the right, you’ll find links to the User Guide, upload import files and access to chat with support.
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