Troubleshooting transactions created from Cloud Banking

Help! When approving transactions in Cloud Banking, the documents that are created say deposits for payments (or vice versa).

These transactions were most likely imported using a csv file and the problem is most likely a mapping error.

Before importing a CSV file, you must open the bank detail (see image below) and map the columns so the system knows which column contains which data. When the transactions were brought in, the payments or deposits were most likely brought in with the wrong sign (positive or negative amount).

This can be one of the downfalls of using csv - there isn't any standard way that banks provide this information. Most banks do offer downloads in Quicken and QuickBooks format and we can handle both of those. The list of formats that we support include ofx, iif, qbo, qfx, qbx, csv, and txt. The most problematic are csv and txt. We suggest ofx if available.

If you find yourself in this situation here is the fix: You will need to reimport the transactions and in the CSV mapping on the bank detail, be sure to check the box labeled Invert sign next to the money-out column or the money-in column, whichever was incorrect. You can delete the transactions from the new transaction list by highlighting or checking the box (there is a check all) and then picking Exclude transactions from the Batch Actions menu. After this, you can re-import them. Alternatively, you can import one of the other formats and not have to worry about it - there is no mapping required for those formats.

Be careful and watch for duplicates!

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