How to change the sequence number when recording check payments

How to change the sequence number when recording check payments

When creating Bill Payments or Payments, a check number is automatically populated based on the last check number written.    Sometimes it becomes necessary to change this sequence so the next check number is correct.

To set the next check number of the account, 

1) Open the bank details screen by either navigating to Accounting / Chart of Accounts and double clicking the account or by clicking the double box next to the account number on a payment, bill payment or cloud banking screen.
2) In the field labeled Last Check Number (2), enter the last used check number.   Alternatively, you can click Find Last (3) to have the system find it for you.

The next time you create a payment or bill payment, it  will add one to the number you entered.   For example, if you enter 99, the next check recorded will be 100.

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