Paya: Payment Processing via ACH and Credit Card

Paya: Payment Processing via ACH and Credit Card

Paya:  Payment Processing via ACH & Credit Card

There are two ways to process credit card payments from Customers:
  1. Sending a Sales Invoice or a Sales Order  to a customer with a Make Payment button.
  2. Charging the Customer from a Cash Receipt.

Emailing Sales Orders and Invoices with the Make Payment button embedded

  1.  Be sure that you have followed the steps to connect Paya to AccountingSuiteâ„¢
  2.  Email a Sales Order or Sales Invoice to a customer.  The email will contain a Make Payment button that the customer can click to make a Payment (Sales Invoice) or Pre-payment (Sales Order).
  3. The customer can click the Make Payment button which will take them to the Payments Screen where they will enter the Payment  Amount  and click Make Payment.   
  4. The payment options screen will appear.  The customer will enter their Credit Card or ACH info and click the Submit Payment button.
  5. Paya will process the credit card / ACH transaction.
  6. When Paya deposits the money into your bank account, the cash receipt will be included on an automatically created Bank Deposit in AccountingSuiteâ„¢.

Charging the customer's card on a Cash Receipt

You can enter and store* the credit card on the customer's company record to use when creating cash receipts.     Once saved, the card can be used for future purchases without having to re-enter the card information.

  1. Enter the customer's card in their company card.
  2. Create the cash receipt from the Sales Invoice.
  3. On the Cash Receipt, click Generate / Payment via / Paya

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