AccountingSuite™ Release Updates, German Shepherd 1

AccountingSuite™ Release Updates, German Shepherd 1

 AccountingSuite™ Release Updates

Our new Platform Upgrade enables AccountingSuite™ to be even faster, with new user interface improvements that create a seamless and more interactive experience - we all love that!

  • Messages and Dialog boxes are cleaner and more sophisticated.

  • Collaboration System (Conversations) are enhanced with video calls, screen share and emoticons for chats!

  • Resolved platform issues.

New Features

Reports: Always getting more awesome!

  • Report Packages are now fully enabled with all of our new reports and report upgrades!

  • Balance Sheet Standard and Comparative; and Income Statement Standard and Comparative ---> Drill down to the GL Report and get all the transaction details you need.

  • Income Statement, Balance Sheet & Trial Balance: Compare by "None" and Variance toggles improved user experience.

  • Report headers: Now you have the ability to collapse/expand parameter descriptions.

  • Financial Reports: Improved Parent-to-Child reporting, enhanced UI and messaging!
  • Custom Fields can now be added to and printed on all Custom Print Forms!

  • Picklist output fixes and enhancements for Dropship Vendors.

  • Journal Entry improvements:
  • You can now Reverse the Journal Entry right after saving!
  • Recurring Template fixes and upgrades


Payroll Import Wizard upgrades

  • Payroll Import Wizard improvements that include new seamless imports from SurePayroll, PrimePay, and ADP, as well as any generic file imports!

  • Advanced Payroll Import controls enabled for prevention of duplicate journal entries upon import.

Utilities: Merge Tool and Search and Replace upgrades

  • Merge Tool can now merge multiple records into an original - with interactive and intuitive user guidance and messaging!

  • Dependency checks for related data types for errorless merging!

Integrations: Stripe API and Square upgrades

  • Stripe charges now have a drop-down menu with MULTIPLE available payment methods to choose before sending the charge to Stripe.

  • More technically advanced Stripe Webhooks for better ACH, Refunds and Payouts integration.

  • Square connectivity improvements for Point-of-Sale integration through CloudCommerce interface.

     Cloud Banking is constantly being improved!

  • Categorization Rules: Total redesign, improved user experience and fast adding and editing!

  • Yodlee upgrade for improved Multi-Factor Authentication(MFA), better connections, messaging, and the ability to download up to 1 year of transactions.  

Other improvements

  • We have added a full list of currencies from Open Exchange Rates, including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

  • Sales Invoice for DropShip Delivery now uses Vendor for “Ship From” when DropShip box is checked.

  • Enhanced Duplicate Serial Number prevention measures in Sales and Purchase Documents!

  • Inventory Adjustments are now able to be set using the AccountingSuite™ document numbering mechanism.

  • Attachments and File upload fixes and improvements.

  • The AccountingSuite™ Edition now appears on the title bar no matter where you are!

  • AccountingSuite™ continues to integrate WalkMe into our application for every module, function, and screen for a true customer-self-supported know-how and frustration-free experience. When was the last time you knew exactly how to do something and didn’t have to call anyone?! Love that too!