Importing payroll into AccountingSuite™

Importing Payroll Records


AccountingSuiteâ„¢'s  Payroll Import Feature allows you to import records from a third-party payroll processor.


  1. Obtain a processed export file from the third party payroll processor.  
  2. Navigate to Accounting / Payroll Import.
  3. Choose the Payroll service (SurePayroll, ADP, PrimePay or Generic for others).
  4. Click the ellipses to choose your payroll import file from your workstation.
  5. Click ok.   The mapping table will populate.
  6. Choose the character used in the file to separate fields.
  7. If your file has a header row, check the checkbox labeled Has Header Row
  8. In the mapping table, choose the ACS field for each column in the import file by clicking in the field and choosing an option from the down list.
  9. Click Save Mapping.
  10. Click Continue.

  11. Review the table in the next screen to ensure that the columns and data match.
  12. If there are any incorrect records, you can resolve them in the table.     Choose Incorrect from the Show toggle.
  13. Click Continue.

  14. Map the G/L Account in AccountingSuiteâ„¢ with the Account number from the import file.
  15. Click Continue.

  16. The journal entry is created and may be reviewed.

Last Updated  11/13/2020 - JML

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