Integrating Stripe for processing Credit Card Transactions

Integrating Stripe for processing Credit Card Transactions

Stripe Overview

Stripe is AccountingSuite's  integrated payment processor. Once set up, you will give your customers the ability to pay invoices from emailed sales orders and sales invoices as well as the ability to charge directly from the Cash Receipt document. 

Setting up Stripe

  1. Create an account with Stripe.
  2. Log in to your new Stripe account and connect your bank account for your payouts. Stripe has full instructions on their site for this process.
  3. In AccountingSuite™ navigate to Quick Menu → Settings → Integrations Tab. Click the > next to Stripe.
  4. Click the Stripe logo. A confirmation screen will appear informing you that the connection was successful. You may close this window.
  5. In AccountingSuite™, complete the settings that are now listed under the stripe logo.
  1. Bank Account - the account that will receive transfers from Stripe. Account Type: Bank
  2. Stripe Clearing Account - the account that will hold the sales receipts until they are transferred to your bank account. Account Type: Bank
  3. Stripe Bank Fees Account - the account that will record the Stripe Transaction Fees . Account Type: Expense
  4. Stripe Refund Account - the account that will record refunds processes through Stripe. Account Type: Contra Sales.
  5. If you wish to automatically send a Cash Receipt to the customer upon processing their payment, check the checkbox.
  6. If you wish to automatically create a Bank Deposit when Stripe transfers money to your Bank Account, check the checkbox.
Note: Settings are Saved automatically.

Using Stripe

Allowing customers to pay from emailed Sales Orders and Sales Invoices.


There is no setup needed. Once integrated, your sales orders and sales invoices will have the Make Payment button.   


Your customers will have the ability to pay via credit card or ACH, if you have activated that in the Stripe Interface (see screenshot below)   Sales Order and Sales Invoice emails will have a Make Payment button in the email body and customers may make a full or partial payment which will be reflected in their Customer Record in the software. If you have option 5e above checked, the customer will receive a Cash Receipt.

Stripe will periodically transfer money into your bank account and if you have the option 5f above set to create a Bank Deposit, a Bank Deposit will be created and the corresponding Cash Receipts will be marked as deposited.

Enabling ACH in Stripe

Handling In-Person or Over the Phone Credit Card Payments Using Stripe

You can process credit card payment from within the application. There is a one-time setup and registration of the customer's card and from then on you may process payments using the Cash Receipt.

Registering the Customer's Card in AccountingSuite

  1. Open the Customer Card by navigating to Customer / Vendor Central and double-clicking the Customer.

  2. Click the Credit Card tab.

  3. Click Register Card in Stripe.

  4. Enter the customer information.  You will need email address, physical address and credit card number, expiration and CVV.
Upon successful registration, the card may be used at any time to process payments.

Processing Payments

  1. Create a Cash Receipt and Post.

  2. Click the Charge with Stripe button.

  3. Click Post.

  4. The customer's card will be charged and a transaction number will be recorded on the Cash Receipt.

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