Inventory KPI Dashboard (extension)

Inventory KPI Dashboard (extension)


The Inventory KPI Dashboard gives you a graphical representation of the health of your company's inventory.  This dashboard can help to effectively control inventory and improve the efficiency and profitability of your company.
Include in the dashboard are the following.
  1. Inventory Turnover Rate - calculates the turnover rate for a specific period.   (1)
  2. Days to Sell - displays length of time to convert inventory into sales. (2)
  3. Inventory Valuation - shows the profit and value of goods in inventory during a specific time period. (3)
  4. Stock Status - monitor the stock status to ensure the right stock level exists in your inventory - never too much and never too little! (4)



  1. Launch the dashboard by navigating to Inventory / Tools / Extensions.
  2. When the pop-up appears, choose Inventory KPI Dashboard and click Execute.

You may double-click on a part of the chart to drill down to a report of the data displayed .

Tip:  Click Settings next to the 1 above to set this extension to autos-start on launch to have it automatically open.
There are 4 graphs/charts to view on the dashboard and they can be further customized to meet your needs:
  1. Inventory Turnover Rate
  2. Inventory Valuation
  3. Days Sales of Inventory
  4. On Hand / Under Stock / Out of Stock Position
These charts can be customized using the following controls:
  1. Change the data range for Inventory Turnover Rate Chart
  2. Change the date range and reporting dimension for Inventory Valuation Chart (Dimension allows you to report by location, category, etc).
  3. Change the date range for Days Sales of Inventory Chart
  4. Change reporting dimension and date range for Stock Positions Chart.

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