Legend and Icons of AccountingSuite™

Legend and Icons of AccountingSuite™

Legend and Icons of AccountingSuite™

doghead_yellowThe following are icons that appear throughout the application.

 BACK and FORWARD BUTTON - Navigate backwards and forwards in the history of your session.

HOME BUTTON - Directs to the AccountingSuite™ Home Page.

HISTORY BUTTON - Lists all documents viewed by logged in user, chronologically.

SEARCH BUTTON - Searches the entire account for search terms.

FAVORITES BUTTON - Navigates to the Favorites Page.

QUICK MENU BUTTON - Navigates to the Quick Menu.

 – Select All.

 – Select None.

 – Refresh.

 – Indicates an un-posted document, a draft.

 – Indicates a posted document.

More Menu Button

The More Menu appears on most of the pages in the application and provides useful functionality. Although the items change slightly depending on what part of the application being viewed, here are the descriptions of the major features in this menu.

Creates a new document (order, invoice, etc).  Is context aware, and will create whatever item is related to the page the user is viewing.

Copies the item highlighted.

Places the item in edit mode.

Deletes the selected item (will only delete if there are no associated items.

Set Period
Allows for filtering of the list by setting a time period.

Filters by criteria set in last advanced search.

Advanced Search
Allows filtering by specifying any column and search criteria.

Configure List
Allows for filtering and conditional formatting of list by specIfying criteria.

Emails selected document.

Sets selected document in editing mode.

Copies selected document.

Prints selected document.

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