Getting Started Step 2a - Lists

Getting Started Step 2a - Lists


AccountingSuite™ allows customization of the field list values for several fields. In this section, we’ll set up commonly used values for these fields. In addition, you’ll be defining document numbering schemes for Sales Orders, Sales Invoices and Purchase Orders.

Getting Started Step 2a - Lists


The list items are below with the navigation path. Click the links for further instructions.

  • Customer / Vendor Central – Quick Menu / Lists → Customer / Vendor Central.
  • Countries Lists → Countries.
  • States – Lists → States.
  • Currencies – Lists → Currencies.
  • Payment Methods – Add this on-the-fly while editing the Payment Method field in any document or simply navigate to Lists → Payment Methods.
  • Exchange Rates – Exchange Rates are added by opening the currency from Lists → Currencies.
  • Payment Terms Lists → Payment Terms.
  • Classes – Add this on-the-fly while editing the class field or navigate to Lists → Classes.
  • Shipping Carriers – If using a ShipStation integration, add these in ShipStation or navigate to Lists → Shipping Carriers.
  • Item Categories – Lists → Item Categories.
  • Salesperson – Add this on-the-fly while editing the salesperson field on any sales document or go to Lists → Sales People.
  • Price Levels – Add this on-the-fly while editing the price level field on any sales document or go to Lists → Price Levels.
  • Locations Quick Menu → Settings → Inventory tab → Add Location.
  • Document Numbering – Quick Menu → Settings → Utilities → Document Numbering.
  • Projects / Jobs Lists → Projects / Jobs.
  • User List Lists → User List or Quick Menu → User List.
  • Units of Measure Sets – Lists → UoM Sets.

Lists Module in AccountingSuite™

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