Object Lock Error Message

Object Lock Error Message

Error Message

Are you getting "Object lock error. Object already locked" error message when editing a document in AccountingSuite™? There are few things that affect and trigger this error message to show, below are the following reasons.

Object Lock Error

1. The module or document that you're trying to edit is either opened on another Browser Window, Browser Tab or a different device. - Sometimes it happens that users forgot that they already opened AccountingSuite™ on another Browser or tab and from a different device. Best thing to do is double check and make sure that AccountingSuite ™ is not opened on another Browser windor/tab or different device or terminate your previous session (click link to learn more how to terminate sessions).

2. The module or document is opened by another user. - To avoid any conflict, AccountingSuite™ doesn't allow users or edit a document at the same time. You will surely get the Object Lock error message when another user already opened the document that want to edit. You'll easily identify if another user is working on the same document by looking at the error message, the error message will show the user email address (see image below). To resolve this, just ask the user to close the document for you be able to edit or make any change with it.

Terminating your Previous Session

When you closed or accidentally closed AccountingSuite™ without logging out, the system will ask you to terminate your previous session on your next login. There will be a pop-up box on your screen showing your previous session. The pop-up will show as well if your account is already opened or running on another Browser window, tab or a different device. 

It is important to terminate your previous session to avoid errors such as Object Lock error when working and editing documents.

To terminate an open or running session, just check the checkbox of  your previous session and click Terminate Selected Session. (Check image below)

Pop-up box showing your previous session
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