Purchase Returns

Purchase Returns

Purchase Returns

The Purchase Return document records an item returned to a vendor.

A Purchase Return may be created based on a Bill. In this case most of the purchase return fields are automatically filled from the Bill. A Purchase Return may also be created from scratch.

Creating Purchase Return from a Bill

  1. Navigate to the Bill.
  2. Click the Generate button and choose Purchase Return.
  3. Enter an RMA/Ref # (optional).
  4. If returning a partial order, change the quantity being returned.
  5. Click Save to Save a draft or Post and Close to finish the Purchase Return.
Generating a Purchase Return from a Bill


Purchase Returns creates the following transactions in the General Journal:
  • Debits : Accounts Payable
  • Credits :
    • Inventory Account (for inventoried items) or Expense Account (for non-inventoried items)
    • Tax Payable

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