Sales Module Overview

Sales Module Overview


salesSales in AccountingSuite™ includes all the necessary functionality to properly record Sales and its related activities.  The Sales Module in AccountingSuite™ includes Sales Quotes, Sales Orders, Shipments Sales Invoices, Cash Receipts, Cash Sales, Credit Memos, Pricing and Price Levels. This module is also where sales people are setup and maintained.

The Sales Module gives business owners and entrepreneurs flexibility in orders, invoicing, customer returns, customer refunds and accepting customer payments.


Sales Workflow

Although there is no set way that you  must use the document in your workflow, there are certain guidelines that need to be followed in order to get the most out of your experience. Below is a are several possible ways to create a sales flow for your company. These are examples and are by no means an exhaustive list. We aim to make the software flexible enough to work with any situation.

Full Sales Workflow

This workflow example uses all of the AccountingSuite™ documents.

Sales Quote → Sales Order → Shipment → Sales Invoice → Cash Receipt

Sales Order Highlights

  1. During the order and quote entry processes, instant access to inventory and support for backorders lets you give customers accurate shipping information on the fly.
  2. Customer records support unlimited shipping addresses, allowing your marketing team to market to real customers that have received your products and services.
  3. Access all inventory and cost data without ever leaving your order entry screen.
  4. Export sales orders and quotes to common document formats like PDF and Google Docs, letting you quickly share with your customer, partner or co-workers.

Sales Invoice Highlights

  1. Copying invoices and creating new invoices is simple and quick—happier employees, happier customers.
  2. Monitor profitability sale-by-sale by seeing gross margin per line item before sending the invoice to your customer.
  3. Invoice from existing sales orders or create new invoices on the fly with no Sales Order while the customer is on the phone—or even with you in your office.

Other Sales Workflow Examples

  1. Sales Order → Sales Invoice → Cash Receipts.
  2. Sales Order → Shipment → Sales Invoice → Cash Receipt.
  3. Sales Quote → Sales Order → Sales Order Prepayment → Sales Invoice → Cash Receipt.
  4. Cash Sale.
  5. Sales Invoice → Cash Receipt.

Credit Memos

Credit Memos are issued when customers are returning goods or you are issuing a credit to them for any reason.  These may be added at the end of any of the above workflows.

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