Configuring Gusto Integration with AccountingSuite™

Setting up the Gusto Connection

Setting up the Gusto Connection

The first step after making the connection is to complete settings.

  1. Select the company from the drop down menu.
  2. Enter the beginning date of the oldest payroll period that you’d like to work with in the Enter Payroll Date field.  Moving forward, you will be able to work with this payroll period and any payroll period that starts after this date.
  3. Click Proceed.  A list of payruns will be displayed.

  1. Click Settings. The Gusto Settings window will appear.
  2. Map the appropriate AccountingSuite Accounts from the Chart of Accounts by selecting it from the drop down in the Account Mappings Tab.   Clicking the Advanced or All toggles will reveal additional accounts that may be mapped.
  3. Click Department Mappings and map each department to the appropriate class in AccountingSuite™.     For more information on classes, view this article.
  4. Click Save.

Now you are ready to import payroll from Gusto!

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