Settings Features

Settings Features

(Quick Menu → Settings) System wide feature settings: 

General Setting

  1. Set your company’s Default Currency if not USD. You may need to add the currency.
  2. If desired, enable Multi-Currency Note: once this feature is enabled it cannot be disabled! Use with caution.
  3. Set the number of Quantity Field Decimal point Places the system will use* (up to 4). This will be used if your service or product based items are bought or sold in fractional quantities (i.e. 1.5 hours or 45.4563 pounds)
  4. Set the number of decimals for Price Precision (up to 4) – this will be used if your company charges or purchases items or services in fractional quantities with greater than 2 decimal precision (i.e you charge $56.234 for 1 lb of filet mignon)
  5. Display Order Indicators adds two columns in Sales Orders and Purchases orders that gives a quick visual view of the status of all orders in the list view.  Check the checkbox to enable. Examples of statuses are partially shipped (backordered), partially invoiced, shipped complete, fully paid.
  6. Include the following emails in all cc fields. Enter email addresses that you wish to automatically be copied on all outgoing emailed documents like invoices and orders. This is highly suggested for new users and may be turned off at a later time.

Sales Setting

  1. If your company will be using the Shipping document, check the checkbox. This document records an order that was shipped.

Purchases Settings

  1. Check the Item Receipt checkbox if your company wishes to use the Item Receipt document. This document allows users to ship products and print the necessary documents to send with shipments.

Accounting Setting

  1. Choose your accounting method (cash or accrual). This setting affects which reports are shown in the reporting menu.
  2. Set the first month of your company’s fiscal year. If you are unsure, ask your accountant.

Inventory Settings

  1. If desired, enable Multi-locationNote: once this feature is enabled it cannot be disabled! Use with caution.
  2. If your company manufactures items and will be using AccountingSuite’s Assembly feature, check the Assembly checkbox. This allows you to assemble or build kits, create Bill of Materials, utilize subassemblies, and create documents for the assembly team.
  3. If you wish to track lots and/or serial numbers, check the Lots / Serial Numbers checkbox. (Note: There is no lot or serial costing, just tracking)
  4. Set the default Unit of Measure that will be used if another is not specified. This setting is set to each by default.

Bank Settings

  1. Check the Allow Duplicate Check Numbers if you anticipate this to be a need. The system default is to throw an error message if a check is created with a number already issued on another check.
  2. The Manual Categorization in Cloud Banking feature allows the user to manually create rules for categorizing (assigning accounts) to transactions flowing in from a connected bank. Check this if you wish to create the rules manually. The default is to have the system categorize them automatically.

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