Slow Connection Mode in AccountingSuite™

Slow Connection Mode

The slow connection mode is intended for systems with low bandwidth communication channels (such as a GPRS modem). The performance and traffic volume are optimized by reducing the number of server calls and cutting out the transfer of insignificant data.

Enabling this mode may help in a situation where the performance of the application is slow.

To enable Slow Connection Mode
  1. Click the Menu in the very upper right hand corner.   The menu icon is two lines and a down arrow*. 
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Options
  4. Check the "Enable Slow Connection Mode at startup" checkbox. 
  5. Click Ok.

This mode uses cached data as often as possible as one means of reducing server calls.    Please be aware of this if you think the data is looking stale.   Refreshing the component in question will usually work to get updated data.

*If you can think of a clever name to call this menu, please contact us.

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