The AccountingSuite™ Portal

The AccountingSuite™ Portal

The Portal

The AccountingSuite™ Portal

(1) Client/Company Name - This is the name as it is shown in the application under Admin Panel → Company Info tab. Changing the information in the application will change the display here. This is a hyperlink that will open that Company in the AccountingSuite™ application.

(2) Plan - The Active subscription plan.

(3) Manage Plan - Click this button to choose a new plan (upgrade or downgrade).      

Plan Chooser

(4) Subscription Status - If current, a green Paid flag will show. If the payment is past due, the flag will be red. If this is a trial company, the flag is blue.

(5) Upgrade Credit Card - Use this button to change the payment method for this company.

(6) Pay Now - You can use this button to subscribe to AccountingSuite™ once the free trial period is over.

(7) Email Logs - To view the status of all emails that have been sent through AccountingSuite™.

(8) Add Client - Click to add a new Company/Client to your account.

(9) Notification - This is where you will find the notifications such as if someone adds you an accountant or adds you as a user to AccountingSuite different client. You will also receive other notification within the product.

(10) Inbox
 - This is where you will receive important communications from AccountingSuite™ that require action on your part.

(11) Account/Profile  - This is where you can manage your account which links to your Subscription portal where you can view and download invoices and statements for your AccountingSuite™ services, manage your profile and links to Help and Support.

(12) Playground - This is where you can play around with AccountingSuite.

(13) Multi-Entity Financial Reports - You can run Income Statement and Balance Sheet Reports for more than one  AccountingSuite™ Account.   Reports will show a column for each company and an additional column with the sum of the totals.

(14) Invite Client (for AccountingSuite™ Partners)- Use this button to invite clients.

Profile Settings

Profile & Password

(15) Information - Update your contact information and details, upload a picture.

(16) Change your password. 

(17) Multi-Factor Authentication is an additional security feature that will prevent unauthorized users from accessing your account.

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