Updating Sandbox/Test Account to Live

Updating Sandbox/Test Account to Live

1. On the Home Page, click Test Company. If it's your first time to access Sandbox/Test Company it will take time to update. If you already accessed it before, just click Continue button to proceed.

2. A new tab will open showing your Sandbox/Test Company. You can identify the difference between a LIVE account and a SANDBOX account by looking at the the upper left corner of the screen where it says "***Test Company/Sandbox***". On the the Sandbox/Test Account Home Page, there's a button at the center that says "Reset from your Live Account". Click that button and Sandbox will copy all of your data from your Live account.

3. You will get a message like the screenshot below, just click Continue button to proceed.

 4. The software will automatically logout and the process may take up to 30 minutes depending on the size of your data in your Live account. You'll get notified via email as well once it's done.

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