Using the Test Company / Sandbox

Using the Test Company / Sandbox

About your Test Company / Sandbox

With each paid account we offer you a second account that can be used for testing, training or just checking out new features without having to worry about affecting your live account. This “Test Company” or “Sandbox” is provided at no cost and can be used right away.

The Test Company / Sandbox on Home Page.

Creating your Test Company

To create a sandbox, Click the “Create a Test Company / Sandbox” from the Start Page. In the dialog that appears, choose how you want to populate your Test Company – with data from your live account, with data from a fictitious company, or no data at all. When you click continue, the system will create the Sandbox. This process can take up to 30 minutes. The window can be closed and you may continue to work normally. Once the sandbox is created, you will receive an email alerting you that the new Test Company is complete.

Creating Test Company / Sandbox.

Refreshing the data in your Test Company

Your data will be refreshed once every 30 days. You may choose to refresh more frequently by clicking the buttons on the Test Company’s start page: “Refresh from my live account”, “Refresh with sample data” or  “Erase data”.

Deleting the data in the Test Company

If you wish to remove data from your Test Company, navigate to the Start Page in the Test Company and click “Erase data”.

Reset and Erase buttons on Home Page of Test Company / Sandbox.

Distinguishing your Live Account from your Test Company

There are three main ways to tell in which account you are currently working.

  1. The URL will have the word “sandbox": in it. For example,
  2. The word Sandbox will appear near your title.
  3. On the Start Page, you will see ****Sandbox**** in green lettering.

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