How to Resolve Error Messages in Cloud Banking

What do I do if I see an error message in the Last Updated field in Cloud Banking?

There may be occasions when the daily download of transactions from your bank fail. This happens from time to time but don't worry - you'll still get all of your transactions when the error is resolved.  

So how do you resolve the error? The answer to this varies. Here are some common error codes you might see and how to resolve them.

402: Credential re-verification required. This just means you need to re-enter your login id and password again in Cloud Banking. To do this, follow these instructions.

403 or 412: There is a technical problem at the bank that is preventing the transactions from refreshing. This kind of error usually resolves itself in a few days. If you see this error for longer than 5 days, please call AccountingSuite Help and Support at 888.328.8275 option 1 and we can assist you.

522: This error code will show when some piece of the authentication was not completed. Usually this is a field that is not user id or password, but rather another question that your bank may ask during the login process in order to increase security. To resolve this, Re-enter your online banking credentials.

If you get another error code, it may be clicked to get further information about how to resolve. If you need assistance, don't hesitate to call AccountingSuite Help and Support or Open a Support Ticket.

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