Mainenance explanation

What's up with all the system maintenance?

Q:  Why is the system down a couple of times each week?
A:  When we want to provide new features or a bug fix to you, we have to briefly take the system down to install the new code that runs the features.     This is similar to when you install a new program on your computer and the system wants you to close down all running programs before and restart your computer after the installation is done.

Q:  What am I expected to do?
A:  Please be sure to be logged out when the outage starts to avoid losing any of your work.

Q:  Why are you down from 9-11 PT?
A:  We have analyzed hourly usage and this time is consistently the time with the least amount of users logged in.    We want to impact our user base in the least way possible.  We continually monitor the hourly usage and will adjust our release times if this shifts over time.

Q:  How can I find out what features you installed?
A:  Check out our Release Notes section to see what we've done.   There is also a pop-up when you first log in that will link to the new features that are new.

Q:  How do I get a new feature that I want installed?
A:  You can start a discussion or vote on existing ideas in our Idea Exchange  or fill out a feature request form.

Thank you for your patience during our maintenance periods - just remember that when we come back online, we'll be better than ever!
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