Why does the email I send from AccountingSuite come from the email address user@accountingsuite.com?

Why does the email I send from AccountingSuite come from the email address user@accountingsuite.com?

The Situation

When documents are sent from AccountingSuite, the email address that you have entered into Company Settings is used for both the From: and the Reply-To: addresses in the sent email.  The exception to this rule is when an address with the yahoo domain is entered in the Company Info tab in settings. In this case, the reply-to address is user@accountingsuite.com .

The Reason

Yahoo does not allow software to send any email with the domain yahoo.com from their system. Because of this, if the email listed in Company Info is a yahoo.com email, AccountingSuite replaces the from and reply to address to "user@accountingsuite.com ".

The Solution

Use an email address that does not have the yahoo.com domain. Gmail, hotmail, outlook or private domains all work without this restriction.
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