Your AccountingSuite Subscription

Your AccountingSuite Subscription

Your Billing Day (single subscriptions)

Your billing day is the day of the month that you subscribed to your first subscription.    If you are not happy with this day, please call us at 888 328 8275 and request that they day be changed. 

When you are Billed (multiple subscriptions)

When a new subscription is created in your account and it is the first subscription,  you will be billed for the full amount of the subscription.  This becomes your monthly billing date.  Each month your card will be billed for the full amount of the subscription, covering the upcoming month.

For each subsequent subscription that is added, it will be billed in a pro-rated fashion for the amount of time between the day of the new subscription up until your monthly billing date.   Subsequent months will all be billed on the same day for all subscriptions.


  1. Subscription 1 (costing $49/month) was created on August 21 and $49 was charged to the credit card on file to cover the period of August 21-September 20.
  2. On September 1, another subscription costing $49/month was added.  The card on file is charged $34.30, the pro-rated amount for the second subscription for the time between September 1 and September 20.
  3. On September 21, $98 is charged to cover both subscriptions for the period of September 21-October 20.

Accessing your Account Portal

You may view your account, invoices and payments in your Billing Account Portal.    To access the portal, click "Account" on your dashboard.

What to do if your Account Portal is not available

If you cannot access your Account Portal, please call us at 888 328 8275 to enable it for your account.

Adding Subscriptions

To add subscription, click "Add Client in your dashboard.

Cancelling Subscriptions

To cancel a subscription, please call us at 888 328 8275 to cancel.

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