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            Assembly / Bill of Materials


            AccountingSuite™ has Bill of Materials functionality commonly used in the manufacturing industry, among others. The Bill of Materials in AccountingSuite™ allows you to define a group of items in your inventory that you use to make another item. Defining a Bill of Materials is the first step in using the more advanced inventory features such as assembly builds and creating assemblies within assemblies.

            In AccountingSuite™, the Bill of Materials is defined on the item card that is created for the final product. Before starting, ensure that all components or “ingredients” of the final product have been entered as inventoried items.

            Create a Bill of Materials

            1. Enter a new item by navigating to Inventory → Item. This item will be the final product.
            2. Check the Assembly checkbox. The Assembly tab will appear.
            3. Click the Assembly tab. Here is where we will build the list of raw materials needed to build the final product.
            4. Click Add. Enter the product Code or select it from the drop-down list.
            5. Enter the quantity needed for the final product.
            6. Enter the Unit of Measure, if applicable.
            7. Enter the estimated waste percentage of the item upon production of the final product.
            8. Repeat steps 4-8 for each item needed to assemble the final product.
            ItemThe Inventory Item Card

             Service as an item on a Bill of Materials

            Services may also be included as items on a Bill of Materials. To add a service item on a bill of materials, first click the Labor tab and follow the instructions above. Enter the number of hours needed to finish the final product in the quantity field. As a reminder, service items are not tracked in inventory.

            Once the assembly has been created, it may be built.

            Building an Assembly

            1. Navigate to Inventory → Assembly Build.
            2. Choose the Item to build from the drop-down menu. The list of raw materials needed will populate.
            3. Choose the Location of the build.
            4. Change the Build Date, Quantity, Unit of Measure if needed.
            5. If your assembled item will be assigned a lot or a serial number, click the Lots/Serial Number tab and assign them.
            6. Click the Project / Class tab and add a project and / or a class if desired.
            7. Enter the Waste Account, if applicable.
            8. Enter a Memo (optional).
            9. Click Save to save a draft or Post and Close to finish the Assembly Build.

            Building an Assembly


            • The Assembly Build will fail to post if there are not sufficient raw materials in stock.
            • On an Assembly Build, individual items may be added, changed or removed to reflect the actual use at the time of manufacturing.
            • An assembly item may contain another item that is an assembly on its Bill of Materials. There is no limit to how far deep you can nest assemblies but they must be built in order from the deepest nested assembly on up.

            The posting action on an Assembly Build has an affect on inventory. The quantities of the items used to build the final product including waste and residuals will be decreased from inventory. The quantity indicated on the build of the final product will be increased.

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