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            Balance Sheet (Cash Basis)


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            The Balance Sheet presents the financial status of a company using its assets, liabilities and equity. The report presents this for a given moment in time and can be seen as a snapshot and health of the company. The report represents this snapshot for the last date of the given range (see below).

            Report Options


            The Option field allows for the comparison of totals across the chosen period. Used with the date range, the report will be built given totals for each chosen period during the start and end times chosen. For example, if quarters are chosen and the date range spans one year, the report will comparison columns for Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4 for that year. The options are Total (producing one column), years, quarters, months, weeks and days.


            The Period specifies the date range for transactions used in the totals of the report. The last date in the range is considered the “snapshot” date but the range is used when determining the transactions to include during calculation.  This report uses the cash method of accounting.

            Additional Settings

            Settings – an additional place to set the time period. 

            Run Report – creates the report and displays it on the screen. Also used to refresh the report if any parameters have been changed.

            Export to Excel – creates a report in xlsx format and places it in default location that has been specified for downloads in the browser preferences.

            Print Icon – Creates a print preview (using the browser’s print preview window) where setting may be changed and a printed report may be initiated.

            Balance Sheet, cash basisBalance Sheet (Cash Basis)

            Updated: 02 Apr 2019 10:52 AM
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